I Think Randy Has About Blown It All

I suppose it is not a surprise to anyone who knew the guy, but you would have though he would have shown some constraint. He is not a kid after all. The terms of the trust required him to graduate college and eventually he did it. Of course when I met him I was a freshman and he was a sophomore, and I have been working my job for over a year before he got out of school. He was telling me about the escorts in salt lake city when I ran into a couple of weeks ago. A mutual friend of ours was getting married and he showed up with this stunningly beautiful girl for a date. Of course he could have had this sort of girl chasing him if he had left the money in sound investments and worked for his father or for that matter for his mother. He was driving a 1969 Camaro convertible and I know he has a BMW as well, he sent me a picture of it and another girl who was almost as good looking as this one.

At any rate he was about half drunk when he let loose that he was paying this young lady. I would hardly have ever guessed. She told me that she worked in a doctor’s office as a lab technician. I knew just enough to ask her the sort of questions you could answer if you were a lab tech and she seemed to know the exact right answers. At least she knew the sort of answers I would think were good. I suspect that she was a college student or she has been to college and studied nursing or medical technology. I would have loved to have had her for a girlfriend, but probably not at the price she was asking.

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