Payal Turns Out to be Sangrams True Friend


Sangram’s unfair elimination from Survivor India has emotionally affected Payal Rohatgi. She turns out to be a true friend of Sangram and exhibits open affection and fondness for him in his absence. Payal can also be seen wearing Sangram’s green slippers which are clearly oversized and looks quite cute in it. She regrets her support for people who stabbed her and the effect came over on Walo tribe is now almost Payal vs rest of the pack and it is clearly visible that Sangram was a serious threat to everyone around. Basically Sangram’s simplicity, life skills, hard work and above all dedication was far ahead of anyone of the contestants in Survivor. With Sangram on the Payal’s side both the communication and the balance was quite good. Payal is quite regretting the decision of saving people who pretended to be her friend but turned out otherwise. Progressive elimination in Survivor will gradually break the bonds that were formed during the initial stages of the show. At present Survivor India has a family moment wherein the family members are allowed for a task. The reward challenge faced by the tribe mates and their families. Payal’s Brother Gaurav comes as huge emotional relief filling the companionship void created by Sangram’s absence. Payal’s brother Gowrav, Abhinav Shukla’s Bhabi (Sister-in-Law) Vandana, Shivam’s father Surinder Pal, Raj Rani’s sister Suman, Stith Pragna’s brother Sangeet (from Toranto) and Monisha’s brother and JD’s wife were present. Each of the contestants were overwhelmed to meet their kins. They all became emotional on meeting their kins. Particularly JD could not hide his emotions. He kissed his wife in front of all the members of the tribe and the anchor Samir Kochar. The contest was won by Shivam. He was given the opportunity to go on picnic with his father. They were given sandwiches, muffins and refreshments to enjoy during the picnic. He was also asked to choose one of his fellow tribes for the picnic. Shivam chose Stitpragya Mohan. With the present scenario, it seems that Walo Walo tribe balances the act and votes out Monisha. Survivor India is heading for a very exciting finale as the final lap of the show becomes very unpredictable. Most of the present contestants are in double mind, whether to save a friend or to eliminate a strong contender. The prevailing conditions also play a havoc as the coming days will see them at their wit’s end.

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