Revolutionary Solidarity: A Critical Reader for Accomplices


01.20.15 - Check out this new reader that compiles some of the best texts that critique "ally" politics as well as the closely linked, 'non-profit industrial complex.' As the text, 'Accomplices not Allies" writes: "The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address...Ally has also become an identity, disembodied from any real mutual understanding of support. The term ally has been rendered ineffective and meaningless...But we need to know who has our backs, or more appropriately: who is with us, at our sides?" As the riots and moments of youthful rebellion often give way to more reformist efforts, this collection of texts will hopefully be a tool to begin and continue conversations with everyone who rejects the Left's managers of revolt.



11.06.14 - Same Side Press Poetry Submissions Wanted!

This is a call out for poetry submissions. Same Side Press is dedicated to publishing work written by currently and formerly incarcerated people, as well as people on the outside working towards prison abolition. We are seeking poetry submissions to publish into chapbooks and PDFs for distribution on the inside and the outside. We especially seek to create space on the page for women, queer, and trans folks facing and fighting against the prison-industrial complex. We aim to contextualize the creative work through publication alongside interviews and essays.

Please send responses to:

‘Open Letter to Visitors from a Bulb Resident’ Poster


02.01.14 - In November of 2013, rock barricades went up at the Albany Bulb. Although removed by police and city workers the next day, the action signaled that both residents and resistance to a Bulb eviction - is here to stay. In December, when police and city workers destroyed camps and people's property, Bulb supporters were able to halt city work trucks and keep police out. In the last several months, the city of Albany has attempted to remove the residents on the Albany Bulb and place them in a jail like dormitory. Police harassment has also increased, with police giving out tickets, destroying camps, and even shooting someone's dog. Few residents have stayed in the trailers and around 50 people still live on the Bulb. Bulb supporters have also organized a variety of camp-outs, actions, educational events, and marches. Read…