Oakland Report Back from the Rojava Revolution

12.18.15 - Paul Z. Simmons recently traveled to Rojava, an autonomous region in war-torn northern Syria. Local residents shared with him how they, despite the obstacles, are currently building a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equality, and sustainability. In Oakland, as part of a Bay Area tour, Paul spoke about his experiences seeing the Rojava Revolution first-hand. Dave Id brings us pictures and a recording of event. This Sunday, there will also be a solidarity demonstration against aggression by the Turkish State in San Francisco against the Kurdish resistance as well as a a film series happening in Oakland.


Paul Z. Simons. Photo from Dave Id.

From the event announcement: Simons talks about his experiences including crossing international boundaries under false pretenses, attending commune meetings in Kobane, high-velocity detours around ISIS sympathetic villages, and the camaraderie of the YPG militias. Simons had full access to the various revolutionary organizations and militias and will discuss their mandates and implementation issues associated with realizing a stateless society. Weaving together ideas of anti-authoritarianism, feminism, ecology, and a rejection of the state…

Paul is editor of the Modern Slavery journal. He published a series of reports during his time in Rojava, which have been collected here.

To listen to the audio of Paul’s talk, click on the player below. You can also look at the pictures collected in a PDF here which Paul discusses in his presentation. Check them out here!


Sunday, December 20th, Union Square, San Francisco, 12 PM Noon. Also in Oakland, a series of Kurdish films will also take place on December 20th, Jan 6th and 21st. Please come out!

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