UBER Building in Oakland Attacked as Action Continues Over MLK Weekend

01.18.16 - This weekend, a wide variety of groups, individuals, and organizations took to the streets as part of mobilizations around MLK weekend. Some of the actions included home demonstrations in SF and Oakland for both cities' Mayors, as well as the Oakland Police Chief. In Oakland, people protested at and disrupted a McDonald's in order to push for the hiring back of a fired worker, two were arrested. People also attacked the former Sears building in Downtown Oakland, writing anti-Uber and gentrification messages. Today, a mass march is schedule to leave Oscar Grant Plaza and march to Emeryville.

Attack on Uber Buidling:


Text to the flyer reads:


It’s what we hear all the time. It’s what our neighbors heard when their slumlord discovered he could triple their rent due to the increase of wealth bursting through the poor and working class communities of the greater Bay Area. It’s what our buddies heard when they were sentenced to years in Santa Rita for graffiti or some other petty shit. It’s what the city meant when they said yes to Uber, to the violently out-of-control housing market, to evictions and deportations and police-executions of black and brown people.

Uber is just one of the monsters threatening our homes and livelihoods. This action alone won’t stop all the brutal displacement and criminalization. But we hope it sparks a more persistent and unrelenting attack against these vicious capitalists.

Because we won’t be thrown out of the town without a fight.

Disruption at Oakland Airport:

Home Demonstrations Against Police and Politicians: 

Protest at McDonald’s in Support of Fired Worker:

Happening today: