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Bay Set To Boil: Rise of the Right

12.21.15 - Nazi goth hipsters party at the Elbo Room, the San Francisco Police continue their rampage against the public, and the technology industry does its best to make life difficult.

Trump Supporter Threatens Mosque 

According to Inside Bay Area:

A self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporter has been arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats against individuals at an East Bay mosque and possession of a pipe bomb, according to Richmond police.

William Celli, 55, of Richmond, was arrested Sunday after police served a search warrant at his home on the 5100 block of McBryde Avenue in Richmond. He is in custody at the County Jail in Martinez on $525,000 bail, according to the facility.
Police found a pipe-bomb type device, which was detonated Sunday evening, in his residence, Richmond police Lt. Eric Smith said. Smith said the device was not armed with explosives.

On Celli’s Facebook page, he made numerous statements citing his allegiance to the Republican candidate for president, saying on Oct. 21: “I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world.”

Apparently police first were clued into Celli after he made threats against Islamic groups and posted pictures of bombs on social media. Celli’s threats of violence comes quickly after one woman threatened people praying at a park in the Lake Chabot and has been charged with a hate crime. Similar attacks on Muslims and growing Islamophobia across the US and the world have likewise been on the rise.

Nazis Fuck Off!

On Tuesday December 15, a San Francisco venue known as the Elbo Room (Facebook, Twitter, Website) hosted nazi band “Death In June” for a second time. Despite repeated calls for their shows to be cancelled, the club continues to provide an open platform fascism and white nationalism. In response to protests at the venue Tuesday night, bar owners Matt Shapiro (Facebook, Twitter) and Erik Cantu called the police and attempted to incite violence by making a false report of “a crowd of people wielding knives”. As noted by comrades at the scene, this predictably triggered a hyper aggressive response from the state. Over fifteen officers showed up, some brandishing loaded tactical shotguns at the crowd. While thankfully this did not end in police violence, the situation came within a hair of escalating. The particular context of the Elbo Room’s owners actions is especially racist and vile, as it is abundantly clear what can happen in the United States when a white man calls the police and falsely claims a person of color is armed. This was absolutely an attempt at a modern form of lynching.

Pig News

The San Francisco Police Department continues to be embroiled in massive controversy over a number of recent incidents. At the top of the list is the December 2nd murder of Mario Woods by execution squad. Protesters hit the streets again Friday, demanding the Chief of Police resign and the officers responsible for Wood’s death be charged with murder. While demand politics and reform are clearly not the answer, coming together around these tragedies can be an important way to build solidarity and work towards more concrete methods of resistance.

Elsewhere, a San Francisco Superior Court judge has tentatively ruled that a group of officers caught sending racist texts to each other can not face disciplinary action. While any disciplinary action would of course been useless, this decision is really intend as a public symbol of support for the SFPD from the local courts. The message sent is loud and clear: the fascist, white supremacist culture of the police is welcome, and officers who get into trouble with the public for their beliefs will be protected.

Finally, other horrific reports about the abuses of the San Francisco Police continue to abound. 14 people were harassed, called racial slurs, and some sexually assaulted during a so called “federal drug sting” in the Tenderloin.

Tech Awful

The displacement of low income residents by the Silicon Valley’s technocratic class continues unabated. The region, despite being one of the wealthiest in the country, simply can not be bothered to help its struggling residents.

Facebook’s latest counterinsurgency tactic is aimed at reducing controversy over displacement by its employees in San Francisco, but will exacerbate the same problem in Silicon Valley. The company is now offering select employees up to $15,000 to move within ten miles of its Menlo park headquarters.

Comcast has been dumping toxic electronic waste at numerous public landfills in Alameda County since 2005. Detailed customer records were also dumped, potentially exposing many to identity theft.

Airbnb is still reeling from a study recently published by the Harvard School of Business that demonstrates omnipresent racial discrimination on the site.

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