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Developers to kick off work on Brooklyn Basin: Oakland’s answer to Mission Bay


03.11.14 - What follows is an article from the San Francisco Business Times which details how developers are transforming the 'Brooklyn Basin,' former home of the 5th Ave. Marina, which was the residence of a large community of boat squatters. Like the recent attempts at evicting the Albany Bulb, the rousting of homeless camps across the bay area, and talk of leveling People's Park in Berkeley, development brings with it increased class divisions and the removal of "undesirable people" for the purpose of generating profit. The community of boat squatters is a story that we have covered in past issues of FireWorks and we will be continuing to cover - so keep watching the site - and reading the enemy's media, like this article below. Read…

Fighting Displacement: a letter from a resident of the 5th ave marina


10.09.13 - Earlier this year we received a note on our door about an upcoming inspection with an appraiser. We thought: refinance or sale. At the beginning of April we saw Channel 2 news reporting outside on the street and that day It was announced that Gov. Jerry Brown made a $1.5 billion deal between the Oakland-based real estate development company Signature Development Group and China-based investors, Zarsion Holdings Group, to finance the redevelopment of the 5th Avenue Marina. Read…