TOPIC: Anti-Fascism

#trumptheregime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-right


11.18.16 - Trump’s win of the electoral college (despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes) thrust many into the streets for the first time against the billionaire real estate mogul and the wider system and crisis of capitalist civilization he seeks to manage. Suddenly, tens of thousands were blocking freeways, clashing with riot cops, and throwing down in the streets. At the same time, the far-Right and white supremacists are continuing to actively mobilize to support the regime and scores of racist and sexist attacks have been carried out throughout the US. Clearly, the far-Right continues to feel embolden and already many Neo-Nazi, KKK, Alt-Right, and white nationalist events and demonstrations are being organized. In response, anti-fascists are mobilizing to shut them down and actions against Trump continue to build towards #J20. With so many people new to radical action in the streets, many are coming up against for the first time attempts by liberals and protest managers to contain and direct revolt. These dynamics of course are not new, and played out in the Occupy movement, the Ferguson Insurrection, and in struggles throughout so-called North America. more on It's Going Down Read…

Elbo Room Hosts Nazis, Calls Cops On POC


12.18.15 - Elbo Room hosted a show for the band "Death In June" on Tuesday night. This is the 2nd time they've hosted this fascist, white supremacist band, despite protests & community outcry. On Tuesday night, the owner came out & called the police on our comrades, LYING that there was a "crowd of people" "wielding knives": NO ONE that night pulled out any weapons. In today's context, calling the pigs on someone & lying that they are armed & dangerous can literally lead to the death of that person, especially if it's a white person calling the pigs of a POC. Read…

Oakland Anti-Muslim Protest part of National Campaign of Racist Intimidation


10.02.15 - Yet another “patriot” group has emerged to promote a racist, fascist agenda in the United States, and they are calling for protesters to terrorize and intimidate Muslims in multiple communities across the country, including through the use of arms. The innocent sounding “Global Rally for Humanity,” which will take place Saturday, October 10th, is anything but. Read…