TOPIC: Black Lives Matter Movement

Bay Set to Boil: RIP Mario Woods


12.06.15 - UC Berkeley students occupied the chancellor's office to demand justice for UC workers, people locked down in the middle of a meeting in protest of a new jail expansion proposal in SF, the Berkeley homeless encampment was dismantled, and San Francisco police shot and horrifically killed Mario Woods in a firing squad like execution caught on video leading to protests. Read…

Bay Set To Boil: Tales from Wack Friday


11.30.15 - While most of the United States feasted and shopped in honor of colonialism and genocide, we battle resilient foes: the cops, the tech industry, the heartless thoughtless bureaucracy, and the fascists hiding behind it. Radical communities saw violence nationally and internationally this week. BLM stood in defiance of black friday, and Oakland marched in solidarity with victims of police and white supremacist violence. Read…

Reflections on last years Oakland high school walkout


11.28.15 - All of us have been paying close attention to development of black insurgency over the past few years. The power of street protests, new black activist groups, and recent anti-racist demands at universities highlight the direction that the movement’s energy is going. Further, the recent spread of pro black, anti-racist demands at numerous universities following the Mizzou protests demonstrate one possible way in which the movement is cohering: through the development of common demands on college campuses. Read…