TOPIC: Capitalism

Fires Of Revolt


02.08.16 - The Super Bowl may have come and gone in the Bay Area, but the accompanying extensions of the state security apparatus are here to stay. While many activists are praising Beyonce's dancers for holding a paper sign with the words "Justice for Mario Woods" off stage at the game, it's hard to be excited about such a shallow proclamation of solidarity (only marginally less shallow than Beyonce's new music video which has been a hot topic amongst activists as well). Read…

A Mansion Of One’s Own: On The Historical Role Of Piedmont As A Locus Of High Capitalism


01.03.15 - During the protests for Mike Brown that recently shook the City of Oakland to its roots, you may have heard various people yelling that the protest should go to the City of Piedmont. Many people did not understand why the tremendous energy of those nights should be channeled to the tree lined city in the hills. But there is a clear reason to do such a thing, and it is quite easy to communicate, especially in a newspaper. Read…

We welcome the fire, We welcome the rain.


12.09.14 - It is with great joy that we'd like to report a long period of collective malaise and depression in the Bay Area perhaps coming to an end. Almost in spite of ever worsening conditions – rapid development, escalating police occupation, mass displacement, ongoing violence against black and brown people– social conflict here remained ominously quiet for over a year. While the anger throughout the cities by the Bay has become palpable and apparent everywhere, the response from the Left has been lackluster at best. For too long, we have come to expect only the usual lowest common denominator activism: the usual suspects marching in circles, 'blockades' of tech buses which end when the police show up, symbolic would-be media spectacles that aren't all that spectacular anymore, and finally of course, monumental amounts of energy sunk into a referendum for paltry reforms and progressive mayoral candidates (which needless to say, failed, and nobody cared about it anyways). As if to punctuate the point, it has recently become public knowledge that almost every so-called ‘social justice’ non-profit and a great many of the 'community leaders' active in the Mission District have taken substantial cash payouts from the very development projects they pretend to oppose. This almost total concession to the crushing weight of the economy, coupled with the specter of a record-breaking drought, has created a condition which has made it near impossible for many to hold on; a condition hostile to life itself. Read…

None Of Them Will Save You, Only We Can Save Ourselves


11.04.14 - There is much excitement around the upcoming elections in Oakland. The citizens of our fair city will vote on November 4th for who their mayor and city council members will be. But we must remember that a clear majority of registered Oakland voters will spend November 4th doing anything, but voting. During the 2010 election, only 44% of registered Oakland voters cast their ballots. That same year, only 209,000 out of 390,000 residents registered in the first place. This mean that less than ¼ of the Oakland population voted. In case you missed it, this clearly indicates that most people with the ability to vote preferred not to.