TOPIC: Chevron

Seize The Tide: Decolonizing the Watersheds of the East Bay


07.22.15 - "Say infrastructure and you’re saying that life has been detached from its conditions. That conditions have been placed on life. That life now depends on factors out of its control, that it has lost its footing. Infrastructures organize a life without a world, suspended, expendable, at the mercy of whoever is managing them." -The Invisible Committee, 2014 Read…

Bay Area air quality regulator to refineries: Refine more crude


03.22.15 - Last fall, activists in the East Bay Oil Refinery Corridor celebrated the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s promise to write new rules imposing a 20 percent reduction in hazardous emissions on Bay Area refineries. This week, however, East Bay activists attended the meetings with the agency staff to express their dismay at the rules as drafted. Read…

Committee for Responsible and Accurate Posters (CRAP) Corrects Richmond Chevron Billboards


11.03.14 - The Committee for Responsible and Accurate Posters (CRAP) has decided that enough is enough in Richmond, and it’s time to drop a dump of truth onto this election situation. The face of Mr. Nat Bates, candidate for Richmond mayor in the next election, is visible pretty much anywhere in Richmond on the dozens upon dozens of billboards from "Moving Forward", a political action group paid for entirely by Richmond’s local oil giant. We decided to correct a few of these billboards last night. Read…