TOPIC: Community Organizing

Sideshows, Activism and Gentrification: A Glance Towards East Oakland’s Future


08.24.15 - As gentrification and surveillance consolidate large sections of the western half of the Town, we see capital pushing into East Oakland, the poorest section of the city. Now that the revolts against white supremacy and capitalism have been repressed and recuperated, the city has identified it's next target for elimination: sideshows. But why would the city be so concerned with people spinning their cars in a circle? Read…

The Party

Panther Jerry Dunigan, known as "Odinka", serves breakfast to children at Panther Free Breakfast Program.

07.09.15 - "A new film that follows the course of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. With footage from Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, the film is a Bay Area-centric look at the work of the Party. The film has no narration and is composed of archival footage from a variety of sources. Please share widely." Read…

Ferguson protests: Oakland mops up after 47 arrests, several officers injured


11.25.14 - OAKLAND -- The city was cleaning up Tuesday after hundreds of protesters took to the streets, vandalizing stores, setting fires and attacking police following a grand jury decision not to indict a white officer in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. Read…



11.06.14 - Same Side Press Poetry Submissions Wanted!

This is a call out for poetry submissions. Same Side Press is dedicated to publishing work written by currently and formerly incarcerated people, as well as people on the outside working towards prison abolition. We are seeking poetry submissions to publish into chapbooks and PDFs for distribution on the inside and the outside. We especially seek to create space on the page for women, queer, and trans folks facing and fighting against the prison-industrial complex. We aim to contextualize the creative work through publication alongside interviews and essays.

Please send responses to:

Emergency Fundraiser: Keep Qilombo Open!


10.22.14 - We are in the midst of intense times and intense events happening here in the Bay Area, in this country and worldwide. It is a time where poor people and black and brown communities are under serious attack and facing heightened levels of violence and repression as well as ever changing tactics used by those in power to silence those who would speak out against this violence. It is a time of sadness for many and for more and more, it is a time to join struggle. The struggles taken up here in Oakland and in places like Ferguson are bringing light to the darkness. Read…

Community-building with a side of gentrification: OPD at National Night Out


08.11.14 - I am a gentrifier, much like yourself, perhaps. Perhaps not. There are many types and degrees of gentrifierdom. But during my three years here in Oakland, I have spent a not-insignificant amount of time exploring, with others and alone, the labyrinthine rabbit hole that is the gentrification conversation. Read…