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Oakland Police Kill Again


08.15.15 - Police violence against the people of Oakland continues to escalate as the state kills again. The fourth African-American man killed by the OPD since June, Nathaniel Wilks was said to be attempting to flee when he was killed on August 12th at 27th and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The community responded with a gathering at the site of the shooting at 7pm. The streets of the intersection were blocked, but traffic was allowed through after the purpose of the gathering was explained. A tech bus also attempted to pass but was stopped. By sunset, the crowd had grown, and a march headed into downtown and back. Corporate stores were attacked, many angry messages were left for the police, and a highway was even blocked at one point. Read…

The Party

Panther Jerry Dunigan, known as "Odinka", serves breakfast to children at Panther Free Breakfast Program.

07.09.15 - "A new film that follows the course of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. With footage from Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, the film is a Bay Area-centric look at the work of the Party. The film has no narration and is composed of archival footage from a variety of sources. Please share widely." Read…