TOPIC: Drought

Seize The Tide: Decolonizing the Watersheds of the East Bay


07.22.15 - "Say infrastructure and you’re saying that life has been detached from its conditions. That conditions have been placed on life. That life now depends on factors out of its control, that it has lost its footing. Infrastructures organize a life without a world, suspended, expendable, at the mercy of whoever is managing them." -The Invisible Committee, 2014 Read…

San Francisco’s East Bay Residents Water Un-Drinkable Due to California Drought


04.01.15 - East Bay residents first noticed a bitter taste in their tap water on Saturday. It takes about two days for the water to make its way from the Pardee Reservoir to the Bay Area and when it arrived Saturday there was a flurry of emails and tweets about it. Residents described the water as metallic tasting and pungent smelling when they turned the tap on. East Bay Municipal Utilities District effects the drinking water for 1 million customers. Read…

There is No Drought: California’s Twisted Water Ways


12.26.14 - For millions of years, the rivers lacing through the lands now known as California meandered freely from the mountains to the oceans. Rain fell on the robust redwood forests in the north, slowly trickling through layers of soil, sand, and rock to fill the streams and aquifers that in turn fed the rivers. Where these rivers met the ocean, as they still do today in the Bay Delta, marshy estuaries flourished with abundant wildlife. Humans arrived, the ancestors of surviving native peoples like the Ohlone and Winnemem Wintu, and they lived in balance with their home for thousands of years. There were wet years and there were dry years, but the healthy network of natural aquifers continued to sustain life. Read…