TOPIC: East Oakland

Rises in the East: Responses to the Police Killing of Richard Perkins


11.28.15 - In the past weeks, participants in the 'LA 2 the Bay' sideshows in East Oakland involved hundreds of cars from across California and the US and showed unity among participants across geographical and racial lines. But the sideshows also took a remarkably political turn, and led to clashes with law-enforcement and sadly the police slaying of 39 year old Oakland resident, Richard Perkins. This killing is the 5th fatal shooting by Oakland Police this year and led to a walkout at Clastlemont High School and protests in the Fruitvale District and Downtown Oakland. Meanwhile, the topic of sideshows have generated further cries from politicians and the corporate media for a crack-down on black and brown youth living in poverty stricken neighborhoods, eyed for gentrification by developers. Wanting to know more, we talked with a member of Keep Hoods Yours, a graffiti crew that stands against police terror and gentrification to get their take. Read…

Bay Set to Boil: Democracy Serves Capital


11.07.15 - This week was a hectic one! From SF Election losses on the Mission Moritorium and Airbnb restrictions to police assaulting protesters in Alameda, democracy failed again. News on the Santa Rita jail expansion, the Berkeley student walkout and much more. Read…

Sideshows, Activism and Gentrification: A Glance Towards East Oakland’s Future


08.24.15 - As gentrification and surveillance consolidate large sections of the western half of the Town, we see capital pushing into East Oakland, the poorest section of the city. Now that the revolts against white supremacy and capitalism have been repressed and recuperated, the city has identified it's next target for elimination: sideshows. But why would the city be so concerned with people spinning their cars in a circle? Read…

Rage Boils In Oakland After Fourth African-American Man Since June is Killed


08.13.15 - On the afternoon of August 12th, Joe Bart was shot and killed by the Oakland Police Department on 27th and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. According to people on the scene, police were chasing Bart who attempted to flee his vehicle and was then shot and killed by officers. At 7pm, a crowd gathered and blocked streets, allowing traffic to cross after explaining the situation, however, blocked a tech bus at one point. Over the next few hours, a crowd grew and when night fell, marched towards the downtown and then back, attacking corporate stores, writing anti-police messages, and blocking a freeway. Read…

Video of Muwekma Farm and Call for Future Support


07.13.15 - The farm was located on the corner of 31st and International, across the street from the Native American Health Center. It had the support of the immediate neighbors and received praise from everyone who walked past. Only the police and the city have priorities that drive them to destroy a garden full of food in the middle of July. And so when they had their chance they took it. When the farm was unguarded, the police and city workers opened the gate and threw everything in the garbage. Because the raid took place in the morning there was little time for anyone to do anything.