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Bay Set To Boil: Return of the Glass Hole


11.14.15 - What a busy week! Rowdy demonstrations took place against UC administrators treatment of workers, against low pay across the bay area, and a large anti-gentrification block party took place at the Qilombo Community Center in West Oakland. We also bring you all the tech, housing, development, and pig news you've come to expect. Read…

The Tech Commute Did Not Take Place


05.03.15 - The mainstream media attempted to portray the May 1st blockade of the Oakland tech commute a failure. An article on carried the headline “May Day rally fails to block tech bus in Oakland.” Further below in the same article, the author goes on to write, “When the lone bus pulled up at 7:40 a.m., it stopped across the street from protesters and left before they could assemble. Other buses were either rerouted or cancelled in anticipation of the protest.” Read…