TOPIC: Fascism

Bay Set To Boil: Tales from Wack Friday


11.30.15 - While most of the United States feasted and shopped in honor of colonialism and genocide, we battle resilient foes: the cops, the tech industry, the heartless thoughtless bureaucracy, and the fascists hiding behind it. Radical communities saw violence nationally and internationally this week. BLM stood in defiance of black friday, and Oakland marched in solidarity with victims of police and white supremacist violence. Read…

Oakland Anti-Muslim Protest part of National Campaign of Racist Intimidation


10.02.15 - Yet another “patriot” group has emerged to promote a racist, fascist agenda in the United States, and they are calling for protesters to terrorize and intimidate Muslims in multiple communities across the country, including through the use of arms. The innocent sounding “Global Rally for Humanity,” which will take place Saturday, October 10th, is anything but. Read…