TOPIC: Graffiti

Interview with Keep Hoods Yours


12.01.16 - A large portion of this episode is a conversation with a member of Keep Hoods Yours. Keep Hoods Yours, or KHY, is a radical graffiti crew based in the SF Bay Area that organizes against gentrification, against sexual predators in the scene, against racism and more. During the conversation, we’ll hear about the rebel cultural car events called Sideshows, the police killing of Richard Perkins during one of these Sideshows, KHY participation in uprisings against the Ferguson verdict, resistance to Fast Agent and real estate baron Kenny Truong, and the shutdown of racist, gentrifying business “Locals Corner” in the Mission District. You can find KHY on Instagram or in the streets. Keep an eye out for this interview in an upcoming issue of Rolling Thunder magazine. Read…

Fires Of Revolt


02.08.16 - The Super Bowl may have come and gone in the Bay Area, but the accompanying extensions of the state security apparatus are here to stay. While many activists are praising Beyonce's dancers for holding a paper sign with the words "Justice for Mario Woods" off stage at the game, it's hard to be excited about such a shallow proclamation of solidarity (only marginally less shallow than Beyonce's new music video which has been a hot topic amongst activists as well). Read…

In The Riot, Nieto Lives On


10.30.14 - Everyone knew it was going to happen, except perhaps the city officials, who threw a massive viewing party in downtown despite the warnings of the police. Last night, thousands of people took over the streets of San Francisco in the hours following the victory of the Giants over the Royals, taking the World Series trophy home for the 3rd time in five years.