TOPIC: Immigration

Organizing Assembly for General Strike Against Trump


11.18.16 - Sunday, November 27 at 12 PM - 3 PM - Broadway and Telegraph - Latham Square - Oakland - CA

We will gather to discuss organizing a General Strike in Oakland on #J20 and or during the Trump presidency. We will have a general discussion about what that would look like then break out into several committees to organize media, outreach, logistics, etc.

The conversation will center working class black and brown voices but everyone is welcome to speak and share their thoughts and skills! Read…

Feinstein bill draws ire from immigrant community


08.25.15 - Roughly 40 people rallied at the 1 Post St. headquarters of Diane Feinstein in response to the senator’s proposed legislation that activists say will violate San Francisco’s “Sanctuary City” and “Due Process for All” policies, as well as destroying trust between the immigrant community and local police. Read…

Recyclers Battle Waste Management…and the Teamsters Union

Recycling Workers Celebrate Union Election Victory

11.04.14 - It’s 4 AM. The air is cold and damp on 98th Avenue in deep East Oakland, down along the San Francisco Bay’s industrial waterfront. This is a hard geography of concrete and dust and pot-hole riddled roads latticed by train tracks. Much of the earth is landfill, crowded for miles with scrap metal yards, bakeries, machine shops, and warehouses. Behind a chain link fence are about one hundred empty garbage trucks parked in long rows waiting for the next shift of drivers who will fill them with tons of refuse. By 5 AM the trucks are idling, and lining up to roll out. But since last Friday about 130 workers at the Waste Management garbage facility here have been on strike. Read…

Free Radical Radio Episode 41: Salinas, ICE, Elliot Rodgers, & Tech-Aided Ecocide


05.27.14 - Rydra and Doug interview Michael from Direct Action Monterey and also Grime from Salinas, about the recent rioting and police brutality in Salinas. Doug and Rydra deride leftists and the ever present peace police. Bellamy calls in to discuss Elliot Rodgers and fracking absurdity in North Carolina. Rydra rages on labs fucking around with super viruses and slavery at ICE detention centers. Read…