TOPIC: Labor

Organizing Assembly for General Strike Against Trump


11.18.16 - Sunday, November 27 at 12 PM - 3 PM - Broadway and Telegraph - Latham Square - Oakland - CA

We will gather to discuss organizing a General Strike in Oakland on #J20 and or during the Trump presidency. We will have a general discussion about what that would look like then break out into several committees to organize media, outreach, logistics, etc.

The conversation will center working class black and brown voices but everyone is welcome to speak and share their thoughts and skills! Read…

Bay Set to Boil: RIP Mario Woods


12.06.15 - UC Berkeley students occupied the chancellor's office to demand justice for UC workers, people locked down in the middle of a meeting in protest of a new jail expansion proposal in SF, the Berkeley homeless encampment was dismantled, and San Francisco police shot and horrifically killed Mario Woods in a firing squad like execution caught on video leading to protests. Read…

Bay Set To Boil: Return of the Glass Hole


11.14.15 - What a busy week! Rowdy demonstrations took place against UC administrators treatment of workers, against low pay across the bay area, and a large anti-gentrification block party took place at the Qilombo Community Center in West Oakland. We also bring you all the tech, housing, development, and pig news you've come to expect. Read…

People Picket After Worker Fired from KFC


10.18.15 - Shonda, a member of the Oakland Livable Wage Assembly and otherwise cool labor organizer was fired Saturday from the KFC at 28th & Telegraph in Oakland. People shut down the KFC for many hours on Saturday with a picket and will continue the action on Sunday, the 18th.