Video of Muwekma Farm and Call for Future Support


07.13.15 - The farm was located on the corner of 31st and International, across the street from the Native American Health Center. It had the support of the immediate neighbors and received praise from everyone who walked past. Only the police and the city have priorities that drive them to destroy a garden full of food in the middle of July. And so when they had their chance they took it. When the farm was unguarded, the police and city workers opened the gate and threw everything in the garbage. Because the raid took place in the morning there was little time for anyone to do anything.

Who Is Destroying Berkeley’s People’s Park?


06.27.15 - People once associated with the People's Park community are tapping out, as UC Berkeley makes further incursions into the space. Former Park allies are ending their support for People's Park, and some are even raiding what they can as they make their exit. The People's Park website is under control of people who have no intention of updating the Park's internet presence, and the People's Park funds have been absconded with. People's Park is being dismantled by individuals who have given up the fight. Read…

People’s Park tree clearing coordinated with new Sproul grand opening


06.08.15 - During a Berkeley city council work session on November 27th of 2012, a presentation was given by representatives of the UC Berkeley, the Telegraph Business Association and the Berkeley Design Association. Half the Chancellor's funds for the new Sproul project was set aside for projects on Telegraph Avenue and People's Park. The work session was supposed to be an initial round of public discussions on the future of Telegraph Avenue as it relates to the redevelopment of Sproul. There were no further public meetings. Major changes are taking place to People's Park. These actions are in coordination with the upcoming grand opening of the new lower Sproul this Fall semester. Read…

To Celebrate Plants & Animals You Would Have to Destroy Them


04.29.15 - The East Bay Zoological Society is advancing their “Zoo Master Plan” to expand the Oakland Zoo into an undeveloped four-hundred fifty three acre region in the East Oakland highlands that is a part of the Ohlone tribe’s Huchiun territory, and commonly referred to as Knowland Park. The development plan consists of fifty structures including paved roadways, “native animal conservation” exhibits, an aerial gondola, an interpretive center, an overnight campground, a gift shop, concession stands, an office complex, and a high-end restaurant. The “California Trail” proposal demarcates a 56 acre land grab for private development. Effectively, this development would fragment and degrade native wildlands along with high-quality wildlife habitat. This open-space land will be removed from public access and transformed into a conservation theme park which will be under the management of a private non-profit known as the East Bay Zoological Society (EBZS). The “California Native” conservation exhibit will display captive regionally-extinct California animals, including mountain lion, bear, and wolf exhibits. Read…