TOPIC: Legal

The City Attorney’s NEO Power Grab: Amendments to the City’s Nuisance Eviction Ordinance Allow the City Attorney to Evict Almost Anyone at Anytime for Anything


11.12.14 - The Oakland city council ignited a virtual social media firestorm recently, when it voted to amend a standing nuisance eviction ordinance to, in part, include sex work to the list of “criminal nuisance” acts that could trigger a city-ordered “nuisance eviction”. The meme that city lawmakers now intend to target, evict and harass sex-workers spread quickly, and generated understandable anger and antipathy. But the amendment to the ordinance hides a much more disturbing agenda, marking just the latest attempt in a year-long campaign by Parker to accrue eviction powers to the City Attorney’s office. Read…

Illegal Evictions In Oakland Are Happening More


09.25.14 - Two months ago Marc Souza and his neighbors in one of Oakland’s oldest neighborhoods, Temescal, got a notice in the mail from a developer telling them to move out before September 1. Souza and a handful of others are being forced out of their homes – Ellis evicted, really, without the official paperwork – to make way for a development that will almost certainly be upscale condos or rental units. Read…

Statement on recent FBI visits and questioning of political activists


07.03.14 - Over the past few weeks, more than a dozen political activists in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area have been visited by FBI, US Marshals, and Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) agents. In some cases the agents have shown a more than 30-year-old wanted poster of Donna Borup, who was arrested with others during a 1981 anti-Apartheid demonstration at JFK International Airport. Borup was charged with “riot” and “assault on a police officer,” but did not appear for a 1982 federal trial in New York. Read…