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RIP Darnell Benson: While under fire for previous transgressions, SF law enforcement quietly kills again!


06.29.15 - On April 3rd of this year, the entire world was focused on the San Francisco Police Department. A scandal had emerged surrounding the federal corruption case of former Sgt. Ian Furminger, a 20-year veteran San Francisco police officer who had been convicted in December of stealing money and property from suspects and who also was one of the killers of Idriss Stelley in 2001. Read…

Across Generations People Come Together for Political Prisoners in Oakland


05.29.15 - On May 16th, the No More Locked Doors Conference took place as a day-long event focusing on the current condition of political prisoners and the revolutionary support of all prisoners. What follows is a report from the event by the organizers, a recording of the former political prisoner panel (featuring "Bo" Brown, Sundiata Tate, Linda Evans, "Curly" Estremera, and Richard Brown), an exclusive interview with Bomani Shakur (currently on death-row after being rail-roaded for their participation in the Lucasville prison uprising) recorded specially for the conference, and a compilation of never before published texts written by political prisoners addressed to the conference. Read…

Protesters campaign against the use of solitary confinement in California prisons


05.14.15 - East Bay residents are joining with demonstrators across the state to protest against what advocates call “solitary confinement” on the 23rd of each month. The first joint protest was on held in downtown Oakland on March 23, and demonstrators will continue to meet monthly. The date was chosen “to signify the 23 hours a day that these men spend in these tiny cages when they’re subject to solitary confinement” said Laura Magnani, program director at Healing Justice, and the director at the American Friends Service Committee in San Francisco Read…

Sheriff Hart Requests $47,925 to Fence Out Protesters from Santa Cruz County Jail


04.20.15 - Sheriff Jim Hart is making an 'emergency requisition' in the amount of $47,925 to install a seven-foot tall, 364-foot long gated iron fence in order to close off the area of the Santa Cruz County Main Jail's parking lot that is most commonly used by community members for public assembly and political demonstrations. Hart has specifically stated that recent political demonstrations held at the jail are the reason for building the new fence. Due to the lack of a continuous sidewalk along the Blaine Street side of the jail, the installation of the fence will essentially push protesters on to the street if they want to continue to assemble on that side of the jail. The Sheriff's Department expenditure request has been placed on the consent agenda of the April 21 Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors meeting. Read…



11.06.14 - Same Side Press Poetry Submissions Wanted!

This is a call out for poetry submissions. Same Side Press is dedicated to publishing work written by currently and formerly incarcerated people, as well as people on the outside working towards prison abolition. We are seeking poetry submissions to publish into chapbooks and PDFs for distribution on the inside and the outside. We especially seek to create space on the page for women, queer, and trans folks facing and fighting against the prison-industrial complex. We aim to contextualize the creative work through publication alongside interviews and essays.

Please send responses to:

Queer & Trans Radicals Take The Streets Against Prison-Themed Party


06.30.14 - When I arrived around 10:00, and walked up the steps from the BART station, I was greeted with a pleasant and unfamiliar sight: no police. Thanks to gentrification efforts like the "Clean Up the Plaza" campaign, SFPD have made themselves a near-constant feature at 16th & Mission in San Francisco. Instead, perhaps a hundred people were dancing to a sound system someone had brought while others held banners with slogans decrying incarceration and the prison industrial complex. Read…

Health Care Evaluation of California Women’s Facility Finds System Risky, Harmful to Patients


04.29.14 - One former prisoner (who did not wish to be named) at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) was diagnosed with HIV+ by CCWF staff. Stricken with this diagnosis, her mental health deteriorated. For ten years she maintained the rigorous drug regimen, and watched others around the yard fall to the same fate. Eventually, she was transferred to a facility in southern California. Read…