TOPIC: Prisons

Bay Set to Boil: RIP Mario Woods


12.06.15 - UC Berkeley students occupied the chancellor's office to demand justice for UC workers, people locked down in the middle of a meeting in protest of a new jail expansion proposal in SF, the Berkeley homeless encampment was dismantled, and San Francisco police shot and horrifically killed Mario Woods in a firing squad like execution caught on video leading to protests. Read…

Bay Set to Boil: Democracy Serves Capital


11.07.15 - This week was a hectic one! From SF Election losses on the Mission Moritorium and Airbnb restrictions to police assaulting protesters in Alameda, democracy failed again. News on the Santa Rita jail expansion, the Berkeley student walkout and much more. Read…

San Jose jail death: Sheriff condemns 3 correctional officers booked on murder in fatal beating

"Pictured is Michael James Tyree in a booking mug from an undisclosed law enforcement agency. Tyree died August 26, 2015, while in the custody of the Santa Clara County Corrections Department. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office arrested three corrections officers on Sept. 3, 2015 in connection with Tyree's death."

09.06.15 - The three guards at Santa Clara County Main Jail were only supposed to be conducting a routine search of Michael Tyree's cell, looking for extra clothing or toiletries that inmates often try to hoard. Instead, the correctional officers did something "violent and cowardly," Sheriff Laurie Smith said Thursday, that left the 31-year-old mentally ill man lying naked on the floor, covered in lacerations and bruises and bleeding to death internally. Read…

Beloved political prisoner Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell, feared and hated by guards, assassinated in Black August after 46 years in solitary


08.18.15 - Black August adds another hero and martyr to the roll. By some accounts, it was his first day on the yard after 46 years in solitary confinement when Hugo Pinell, affectionately known as Yogi Bear, was assassinated Aug. 12. The news sparked a victory celebration by prison guards on social media: “May he rot in hell” and “Good riddens” (sic), they typed. Yogi was the only member of the San Quentin 6 still in prison, and his role in the events of Aug. 21, 1971, the day George Jackson was assassinated, has earned the guards’ incessant enmity ever since. Read…

Billboard Repainted for June 11th


06.13.15 - I passed this billboard (near 27th and MLK) this morning on my way to my place of employment. It appears to have been painted to read: FUCK da LAW (A)

The color of paint doesn't contrast that well with the billboard, so it's a little hard to read. Seems like a healthy message of solidarity to longterm anarchist prisoners despite th Read…