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EASTWEST #12: Bay Area Analysis, Revolt, History, and Subversion


07.15.15 - EastWest returns with a full color cover issue. Tackling such topics as the City of Oakland's attempt at containing the Ferguson inspired revolt with curfews and repression, a look at the burgeoning weed bubble and its implications, an anti-colonial analysis of the current drought, action and repression news, and an in depth interview with anti-eviction organizer, James Tracey. Pick up a copy at Qilombo and the OMNI in Oakland, Bound Together Books and Modern Times in San Francisco, and the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley. Also be on the look out for copies in local corner stores, libraries, and in independent bookstores. Check back on FireWorks soon to read unpublished articles. Read…

EASTWEST #11: An Anarchist Newspaper


04.24.15 - New issue of EastWest features anarchist analysis of the role of the police and the courts in this racist and capitalist system, as well as a look at the recent struggles of fast food workers in the Bay Area. Action and repression news discuss recent happenings, and an in depth report discusses the ongoing struggle at Knowland Park in Oakland. Happy May Day! Read…

EASTWEST #10: An Anarchist Newspaper


04.01.15 - This issue of EastWest includes an interview with Linda Grant about the ongoing takeover of a vacant plot of land in West Oakland and the creation of Afrikatown, mega-developer Phil Tagami's battle against Bay Area native Dante Cano, a local news round-up on everything from the police attack on Jabari Shaw to the ongoing oil worker strike, and new developments in downtown Oakland gentrification.


EASTWEST #9: An Anarchist Newspaper


03.05.15 - New issue of EASTWEST that features reports on the recent police killings of Yuvette Henderson in Oakland and Amilcar Perez-Lopez, as well as resistance to evictions and condo developments in Oakland and San Francisco, the fight against charter schools in Oakland, and an interview with organizer Linda Grant about the battle to keep public space open along the San Pablo corridor in Oakland. Read…

Dispatches Against Displacement – A Review


01.30.15 - In "Dispatches Against Displacement" it can be seen that in San Francisco getting politicians elected and complaining about them afterward has been a failure. The Bay Area's galloping demographic catastrophe screams that it is time to engage in actions that will cut elected officials out of the picture, and consign professional housing hustlers to a position in front of a computer monitor in the unemployment office. Read…

EASTWEST #7: An Anarchist Newspaper


12.04.14 - New issue of revolutionary anarchist paper covering news and analysis. Features original articles on the recent rebellions in solidarity with the insurrection in Ferguson, the California drought, ongoing labor struggles, a class-war history of Piedmont, struggles against gentrifying businesses in San Francisco, and a text from a recent solidarity demonstration with the disappeared students in Mexico. Read…



11.06.14 - Same Side Press Poetry Submissions Wanted!

This is a call out for poetry submissions. Same Side Press is dedicated to publishing work written by currently and formerly incarcerated people, as well as people on the outside working towards prison abolition. We are seeking poetry submissions to publish into chapbooks and PDFs for distribution on the inside and the outside. We especially seek to create space on the page for women, queer, and trans folks facing and fighting against the prison-industrial complex. We aim to contextualize the creative work through publication alongside interviews and essays.

Please send responses to: