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Marchers Face Off With Police in Mission Outside of Shuttered Bar


06.29.15 - During PRIDE celebrations in San Francisco this past weekend, participants in the annual Dyke March marched through police barricades and into the Mission District. As one statement read, protesters acted "in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in protest against the displacement of people and queer community institutions in San Francisco." A separate confrontation later that night ensued with police in front of the recently evicted Lexington bar, where a large crowd threw a block party. Police confiscated an anarchist flag, attacked marchers, made two arrests, and then quickly left the scene. The Lexington, along with Esta Noche, are two of the most recently evicted queer spaces in the Mission. Read…



11.06.14 - Same Side Press Poetry Submissions Wanted!

This is a call out for poetry submissions. Same Side Press is dedicated to publishing work written by currently and formerly incarcerated people, as well as people on the outside working towards prison abolition. We are seeking poetry submissions to publish into chapbooks and PDFs for distribution on the inside and the outside. We especially seek to create space on the page for women, queer, and trans folks facing and fighting against the prison-industrial complex. We aim to contextualize the creative work through publication alongside interviews and essays.

Please send responses to:

SF Queer Anarchists Blockade The Google/FIFA Pride Float In Solidarity with Brazilians!


07.01.14 - In solidarity with Brazilians protesting the FIFA Would Cup, on Sunday June 29th, a group of 12 queer radicals blockaded the Google FIFA Float at the San Francisco Pride Parade. "We couldn't pass up the opportunity to connect issues of gentrification and evictions in the Bay Area with the violent displacement of Brazilians who live in the Favelas. The Google/FIFA float was a perfect target for direct action to raise awareness about these issues!" Read…

Queer & Trans Radicals Take The Streets Against Prison-Themed Party


06.30.14 - When I arrived around 10:00, and walked up the steps from the BART station, I was greeted with a pleasant and unfamiliar sight: no police. Thanks to gentrification efforts like the "Clean Up the Plaza" campaign, SFPD have made themselves a near-constant feature at 16th & Mission in San Francisco. Instead, perhaps a hundred people were dancing to a sound system someone had brought while others held banners with slogans decrying incarceration and the prison industrial complex. Read…