TOPIC: Richmond

Richmond Community Takes the Streets for Richard “Pedie” Perez


06.28.15 - Saturday, June 27, a spirited group of friends, family, and supporters of Richard "Pedie" Perez, killed by Richmond police in September of 2014, took the streets of the Downtown. The diverse group chanted, held signs, and distributed flyers. The march, which followed a rally outside of the Richmond BART station, came after a recent decision by the District Attorney which ruled the police killing of Perez was justifiable. Rich Perez, Pedie's father, stated in the local media: “All of our witnesses dispute the claim that our son was reaching for (the officer’s) weapon. It’s like a cover up or just being blind to the fact that cops can do wrong.” Supporters point to a video of Perez's final moments, as well as witness testimony which contradicts accounts of the shooting by officers. Despite the "progressive" veneer of the Richmond police, the shooting of Perez, the first police killing in Richmond in years, follows so many other "justifiable" police murders in California and across the US.

Richmond Backs Unlimited Rent Increases


05.31.15 - Mayor Tom Butt of Richmond is on a mission to make sure landlords can jack up rents in unlimited amounts on Richmond’s tenants. Butt acknowledges that Richmond rents are on the rise, but offers no meaningful solution to alleviate the burden rising rents place on seniors, families and others struggling to make ends meet. Instead, he offers real estate industry talking points against anything that regulates landlords. Read…

Richmond’s rent control advocates and opponents face off over gentrification


04.17.15 - Richmond is seeing better days. According to a recent research paper by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute, homicides and violent crime were at historic lows in 2013, parks are being renewed, living conditions are improving and new investment money is flowing in. But what seems to be good news for the city’s just over 100,000 residents, the authors say, could even pose a threat to a large and deeply rooted community in Richmond: African Americans, who make up almost a quarter of the population. Read…