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Bay Set to Boil: Democracy Serves Capital


11.07.15 - This week was a hectic one! From SF Election losses on the Mission Moritorium and Airbnb restrictions to police assaulting protesters in Alameda, democracy failed again. News on the Santa Rita jail expansion, the Berkeley student walkout and much more. Read…

Voices From Santa Rita

Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California, houses more inmates than many of the country's prisons.

12.21.13 - The first Sunday of December, I met with Charlie at a coffee shop to discuss the police of Alameda County and the situation within its Santa Rita County Jail. Charlie (who does not want his real name to be used for fear of retribution) is certainly no stranger to Santa Rita- “I’ve been in the drunk tank over a dozen times,” he said, “and in general population three times.” One of the first papers he shows me is a form instructing him to report for his re-incarceration in a week and a half. Read…