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Alix Tichelman accused of homicide: When slut shaming goes too far


04.24.15 - A new study reported by the BBC April 22, shows that the word “slut” is still a very common term in every day vernacular. According to the BBC, 6 out of 10 people are still using the term “slut” in a way that they deem to be “okay” under “certain conditions.” What does this mean? It means that 6 out of 10 people still think it is okay to disempower women with the use of the derogatory term “slut.” Read…

Oakland City Officials Can Now Require Landlords to Evict Sex Workers


11.11.14 - Landlords in Oakland, California, will now be required to evict sex workers from their properties if the city asks them to. Under an ordinance passed by the Oakland City Council Tuesday, city officials have authority to force suspected sex workers—along with anyone engaged in certain "nuisance" activities—from their homes, even if these individuals haven't been convicted of any crimes. The ordinance also allows landlords to request that the city carry out evictions of these individuals. It passed the Council by unanimous vote. Read…