TOPIC: Transit

Bay Set to Boil: Democracy Serves Capital


11.07.15 - This week was a hectic one! From SF Election losses on the Mission Moritorium and Airbnb restrictions to police assaulting protesters in Alameda, democracy failed again. News on the Santa Rita jail expansion, the Berkeley student walkout and much more. Read…

AC Transit Buses Lack Air Conditioning, Drivers And Commuters Complain of Unbearable Heat


09.12.15 - As anyone who has stepped outside this week knows, it's unusually hot in the Bay Area right now, leading to heat advisories across the region, shortages of fans at local hardware stores, and even shorter school days in some districts. In the East Bay, the extreme heat has also apparently caused a lot of trouble and discomfort for public transit workers and riders. AC Transit bus driver Doug Gilbert told the Express this morning that many drivers and commuters stuck on older buses that don't have air conditioning are now suffering through unbearable heat and potentially unsafe conditions. Read…