TOPIC: West Oakland

History of the Foreclosure Defense Group: An Interview with Brooke on Race, Class, and Housing

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01.15.16 - Occupy Oakland is now over 3 years old, but looking at many of the groups and projects that came out of it can shine light on times when radical and anarchist ideas of working-class self-defense, mutual aid, and solidarity were given life in a real way and revolutionary ideas exploded out of a subculture and into a movement. What follows is an interview with Brooke, a participant in Occupy Oakland and the Foreclosure Defense Group (FDG), which used direct action to fight to keep people inside their foreclosed homes in the East Bay Area. Beyond just being a history of the group, Brooke discusses the rise and fall of movements, the nature of white supremacy, the importance of looking at class, lessons for current housing and anti-gentrification struggles, and the often repeated shortcomings of the radical milieu. Read…

Bay Set To Boil: Return of the Glass Hole


11.14.15 - What a busy week! Rowdy demonstrations took place against UC administrators treatment of workers, against low pay across the bay area, and a large anti-gentrification block party took place at the Qilombo Community Center in West Oakland. We also bring you all the tech, housing, development, and pig news you've come to expect. Read…

Bay Set to Boil: Democracy Serves Capital


11.07.15 - This week was a hectic one! From SF Election losses on the Mission Moritorium and Airbnb restrictions to police assaulting protesters in Alameda, democracy failed again. News on the Santa Rita jail expansion, the Berkeley student walkout and much more. Read…