Britney Spears Understands the Need for Taking Some ‘me Time’

“I must confess, I still believe.” Back in 1998, with Baby One More Time that Britney will forever be known by me because princess of pop. A mere forty-two years of age at the time I remember my oldest son generating a fuss over this new seventeen years old ‘sex kitten’ as she was called then. Although she had been singing for several years previous this is the song that launched her worldwide around my eyes.

Next was T/V and guest staring and she or he did call the shots. So pleased with her attitude. She has advanced significantly from Star Search when he was ten then Mouseketeer to becoming the star she’s today. It was understood Britney got the majority of her experience from all of these shows and met some now famous contacts.

One more song and something more hit single with ‘Oops I did it again’ for any small Louisiana girl should have been mind-blowing for a real young lady. But it didn’t stop on her behalf she got bigger plus more famous touring and strutting her stuff. My point here’s that from innocuous beginnings fame could possibly be hiding around that next corner just waiting to seize you and cause you to a superstar.

Never quit on your dreams, your wishes or the family. They all make life really worth the trip regardless of what it throws at you. Do require time for yourself, relax with that favorite fantasy romance novel or spend time binging your chosen television shows, the idea is make the journey fun.

I believe even Britney understands life takes no breaks. There is no reset time for the beginning button and so the thing is to keep put your very best foot forward and make truckin’.

Life will not likely always assist you it seems so when everything looks rosy sometimes the unexpected can teach its ugly head and give you reeling to a panic. When family, you might have been ignoring for countless years all of a sudden fall ill can pull you quickly into present time. No more thinking about what you might do if you had just known. No, your arise call most likely are not a leisurely trek that people might prefer. Life doesn’t often care your work, likely to do as well as should did. Life just ‘does! Leaving you to deal with the pieces which it scatters everywhere.

Many will not have enough emotional aptitude under their figurative belts to take care of some of life’s more blacker moments and also this causes anxieties leaving the victim to blunder through. If it goes wrong with you personally instead of someone you know it is nearly always life altering. From decrease of savings, life goals shattered as well as a bleak future you imagine you never decided upon. What does one do?

Personally I understood for myself after the sever cardiac arrest that getting healthier was all I could think to do. Luckily I had a support group around my but a majority of do not. Still playing took over a whole new path and although I also desired to do a reset or have a very do over I quickly located understand that ‘today’ was my starting day. From there I made new dreams, goals and slowly continued to carve a brand new path for myself and my loved ones.

Angel’s Forever Home

Story Monster Ink recently gotten to chat with all the authors/illustrator team behind Angel’s Forever Home (Mascot Books), an authentic story with regards to a dog who was simply rescued from the Chilean earthquake, and looks for his forever home. Facing his anxiety about rejection for not being like other dogs, he embarks using a journey that teaches him value of patience, courage, as well as the willingness to spread out his heart to others.

Visit together with the Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and Renie De Mase to study their interview and get to know them better at Story Monster Ink. The team enjoys reaching readers and welcomes the ability for targeted traffic to leave comments and/or questions so that they may have the chance to familiarize yourself with you also.

What readers assert:

I bought Angel’s Forever Home for the friend’s children a few weeks ago. What a perfectly wonderful story: a puppy whose leg is hurt in the Chilean earthquake travels all the way to the U.S. looking for a family. There’s a surprise twist within the plot when Angel succeeds. Reading it teared me up. A kids’ book. Simple. Profound. Amazing. Kudos to your own local celeb authors Rita Gigante, Bobbie Sterchele-Gigante, Donna McDine and local artist Renie Conklin De Mase. ~ Reviewed by Lorraine Ash, author – Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life

Angel’s Forever Home is a heartwarming story about finding love. Angel is certainly a lovable and relatable character; she has a great voice! It’s the type of story where we can learn many lessons. I expect reading this book repeatedly. I know my kids will love it, too! ~ Reviewed by Mary Driscoll, elementary school teacher and blogger at Stay at Home Fit

Angel’s Forever Home is a fantastic children’s and adult book! The story line has great lessons within it as well as the artwork is beautiful. The underlying lesson of appreciating our life is for all to take pleasure from. ~ Reviewed by Shilamida Kupershteyn, best-selling author – 31 Days of Gratitude Create the Life You Desire

Angel’s Forever Home is a heart-warming tale of hope, courage, love and comfort being a rescue dog named Angel waits patiently to seek out his home after an earthquake in Chile leaves him injured. The authors with this sweet story beautifully capture Angel’s voice and earn him so relatable one can’t help but root for him and hope he finds your house as special because he. The kindness demonstrated to Angel tugs at one’s heartstrings, particularly appreciation of rescue animals everywhere and others giving them their “forever homes.” Ms. De Mase’s beautifully detailed and soft illustrations bring Angel with his fantastic story one’s. A must read for the children and adults alike! ~ Reviewed by Karin Larson, speech pathologist and children’s author