I Want to Shop Around

Here is essentially the most feared objections.
I already imagine lots of my friends terrified and panicked only at thinking…

What Gurus Recommend

When I read several articles from various “gurus” inside the sales field, I often read suggestions that mention “ready to work with sentences” that will you to close the sale quickly.

As if magically, after enjoying the fateful answer the buyer stops thinking and lets you know: “Thank you for existing! I have get rid of doubts, I’m willing to buy!

So am I suggesting that I don’t believe in “closing phrases”? Yes and no: In certain situations, specifically when the client is undecided, such a answers could work and can actually assist you close the sale, I used them more often than not, in most “day to day interactions”, today, where customers have multiple options for collecting information (shopping on the web, social media marketing, etc.), where things are “at your fingerprint”, it requires much more than the usual “packaged phrase” to really close a procurement.

The Real Solution

What to try and do then, when the buyer tells you that he/she is not able to buy now and is particularly still “shopping around”?

1) Be Prepared

There are not any “shortcuts” about your knowledge of your service and those in the competition.

Today the buyer wants to purchase from someone who knows this product “inside out” and that’s capable of offering customized solutions.

My advice then would be to study, to collect as much information as you can, to never limit yourself to your items, but to be somebody that knows industry, who can also work with your prospects and assist them to to understand their real needs: As I already have mentioned from the past, i believe, this can be the only way to outlive in this profession without to become dinosaur.

2) Be Their Shopper

What are you currently telling me, Dylan? Are you crazy?? Are you telling me to enable them to shop around? I want to sell my product not that in the competition!

Here is my suggestion: When industry is still doing their homework, the very last thing they are trying to find is an aggressive salesman looking to change their mind; Most in the time in the event you push too difficult, you’ll finish up losing them.

What happens if, on the other hand, you show them for being on their side, providing them with real tips on how to solve their situation by helping the crooks to compare various products to yours?:)

As I said initially, this method presupposes a detailed familiarity with the benefits of marketing to the point of having the ability to courageously demonstrate how your solutions have been the best, and when implemented properly you’ll literally power down their objections.

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