Of All the Nerve of Socialist Leaders

The landlocked country of Bolivia certainly wasn’t the epitome of international diplomacy in relation to foreign direct investment in days gone by. They have dutifully nationalized water treatment facilities, mining operations, and manufacturing. They have stated which the minerals in the earth, and also the water will be the property with the Bolivian people, thus it isn’t fair for corporations to become making money from what isn’t theirs. That’s all well and good, and understood, however that’s the deal, which companies went in and invested immeasureable dollars to have everything working.

The Bolivian government under Evo Morales reneged on those agreements and stole the assets of the companies, then kicked them out with the country. Yes, that’s rather harsh, but keep in mind that when I explain to you; this is simply not the only country that is tried discovered. Cuba had done this with Fidel Castro previously, Argentina is progressing it now, and Venezuela made it happen to our oil companies. This is a thing that socialists and communists often do after the fact, after those agreements are produced and those investments arrived at fruition. One could ask why anyone would ever need to invest in a country like this again.

Well, sometimes these dictators or socialist leaders will coax new companies ahead and make investments telling them these are there new friends, along with you believe it. Many of these investment companies think they have got the inside track, the ear in the leader with the people, and so through crony capitalism may have the inside track. Of course, these leaders are just stringing them along, and history is generally a better predictor of future behavior. At least which has always the best way it’s been in human endeavors, and throughout human history.

There became a puzzling article, almost comical for foreign investment analyzers inside Wall Street Journal on October 15, 2012 titled; “Bolivia Is Planning Global Bonds” by Erin McCarthy and Ken Parks which summed up a bit in the history of nationalization of foreign assets in numerous sectors underneath the leadership of “Simon Bolivar Reincarnated” Evo Morales as well as the future offerings stating; “one issue for investors is lack of knowledge and knowledge of Bolivia, one economist said.”

Well, to that particular I’d say; understatement. Now then, it is extremely possible that Bolivia can get China, or Russia ahead invest, furthermore, as they’ve already gotten some economic concessions and gifts readily available nations already, they could be more inclined because they’re of like mind, and also, since Bolivia is really a thorn in this side, other nations which would like to outdo us in global diplomacy, for resources, and for economic tit-for-tat trade wars, it truly is conceivable that they’re going to partake in Bolivia is so-called olive branch.

Still, inside the end I think the end result is rather predictable, and I can tell that without hanging out on a limb to be a foreign-policy analyst for that think tank. Please consider this all and think onto it.

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