Seize The Tide: Decolonizing the Watersheds of the East Bay


07.22.15 - "Say infrastructure and you’re saying that life has been detached from its conditions. That conditions have been placed on life. That life now depends on factors out of its control, that it has lost its footing. Infrastructures organize a life without a world, suspended, expendable, at the mercy of whoever is managing them." -The Invisible Committee, 2014 Read…

EASTWEST #12: Bay Area Analysis, Revolt, History, and Subversion


07.15.15 - EastWest returns with a full color cover issue. Tackling such topics as the City of Oakland's attempt at containing the Ferguson inspired revolt with curfews and repression, a look at the burgeoning weed bubble and its implications, an anti-colonial analysis of the current drought, action and repression news, and an in depth interview with anti-eviction organizer, James Tracey. Pick up a copy at Qilombo and the OMNI in Oakland, Bound Together Books and Modern Times in San Francisco, and the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley. Also be on the look out for copies in local corner stores, libraries, and in independent bookstores. Check back on FireWorks soon to read unpublished articles. Read…

Video of Muwekma Farm and Call for Future Support


07.13.15 - The farm was located on the corner of 31st and International, across the street from the Native American Health Center. It had the support of the immediate neighbors and received praise from everyone who walked past. Only the police and the city have priorities that drive them to destroy a garden full of food in the middle of July. And so when they had their chance they took it. When the farm was unguarded, the police and city workers opened the gate and threw everything in the garbage. Because the raid took place in the morning there was little time for anyone to do anything.

The Party

Panther Jerry Dunigan, known as "Odinka", serves breakfast to children at Panther Free Breakfast Program.

07.09.15 - "A new film that follows the course of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. With footage from Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, the film is a Bay Area-centric look at the work of the Party. The film has no narration and is composed of archival footage from a variety of sources. Please share widely." Read…

Marchers Face Off With Police in Mission Outside of Shuttered Bar


06.29.15 - During PRIDE celebrations in San Francisco this past weekend, participants in the annual Dyke March marched through police barricades and into the Mission District. As one statement read, protesters acted "in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in protest against the displacement of people and queer community institutions in San Francisco." A separate confrontation later that night ensued with police in front of the recently evicted Lexington bar, where a large crowd threw a block party. Police confiscated an anarchist flag, attacked marchers, made two arrests, and then quickly left the scene. The Lexington, along with Esta Noche, are two of the most recently evicted queer spaces in the Mission. Read…

Richmond Community Takes the Streets for Richard “Pedie” Perez


06.28.15 - Saturday, June 27, a spirited group of friends, family, and supporters of Richard "Pedie" Perez, killed by Richmond police in September of 2014, took the streets of the Downtown. The diverse group chanted, held signs, and distributed flyers. The march, which followed a rally outside of the Richmond BART station, came after a recent decision by the District Attorney which ruled the police killing of Perez was justifiable. Rich Perez, Pedie's father, stated in the local media: “All of our witnesses dispute the claim that our son was reaching for (the officer’s) weapon. It’s like a cover up or just being blind to the fact that cops can do wrong.” Supporters point to a video of Perez's final moments, as well as witness testimony which contradicts accounts of the shooting by officers. Despite the "progressive" veneer of the Richmond police, the shooting of Perez, the first police killing in Richmond in years, follows so many other "justifiable" police murders in California and across the US.