No Longer a Need for Carpet

The carpeting in my home has taken a lot of abuse, and it shows. There were spots in the carpet that had become untangled and the floor beneath was showing. I decided to get rid of all of the carpet, and put down some new flooring in some of the rooms. The flooring was obtained via and installed by the company. Instead of having carpeting, I opted to have rugs in some of the rooms, because I thought they made a better fit and had a better visual appeal. At the very least, if I got tired of the rugs, I could easily replace them with new ones of a different size, color, or look.

The flooring company installed the new flooring without a lot of trouble. They took measurements and helped me decide which kind of flooring would look best in each room. I had a preference for the flooring that looked a bit like hard wood, but I used some of the other ones as well. As for the rugs, I went to a local home store to find some that would be the perfect size and color for the rooms. I was able to easily get lost in my rug shopping because of how many there were.

After the hours that I spent in the rug store, deciding on which ones to get, I was able to choose some. Each room only needed to have a couple of rugs, and I got some extra ones to swap out whenever I felt like it. The rugs can be easily washed in the washing machine to keep them looking fresh and clean. The vinyl flooring is easy to clean with just a broom and a mop, and it always looks as good as the day when it was first installed.

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